Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 Aquatic Survey Report Now Available

The 2010 Aquatic Survey Report conducted by Aquatic Control Technology, Inc. has been released and added to the Lake section on the website. Click here to read the entire report.

Summary of Recommendations:
-Variable Milfoil Control:
o We recommend continuing to diligently search for a pioneer infestation. Early detection will be crucial to controlling this species should it be discovered in Arlington Mill Reservoir.

- Fanwort Control:
o The density and distribution of fanwort is expanding and should be watched closely.
o We recommend continuing with the annual drawdown but caution against lowering too early in the fall as this may encourage fanwort to expand into deeper waters.
o Due the size of the Lake and the resulting costs associated with a whole lake treatment we do not recommend a Sonar treatment at this stage of infestation.
o We do recommend keeping a close watch on the registration status of flumioxazin and consider filing a permit for spot treatment of fanwort for 2011 should the herbicide be registered by January or February 2011.

-Native Plant Control:
o We recommend controlling nuisance native species encroaching on recreational uses with handraking during the drawdown.
o Some thinning of native species may occur as a results of a spot-treatment of fanwort.

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