Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer 2013 Water Level Update

The contract with the Town of Salem gives them the right to take water from the lake until April 30th.
A timeline of events is as follows:

March 30th – gate was open 15% plus the pipeline to Canobie Lake

April 1st-  gate was open 18%

April 2nd- Big Island Pond opened their gate 100% - the water was flowing at a great rate

April 3rd- Arlington gate being closed to 13% - pipeline still flowing
Under normal circumstances all of this activity would be fine.

April 5th – Big Island closed their gate with no warning to the town.   Arlington Pond gate was also closed. No water flowing in to the lake. Currently dependant on rain to bring up water levels. Canobie pipeline is open and water flowing- must use water until work being done at Canobie pump house is complete.

April 29th- spoke with the town- we were informed that they could not switch from Arlington to Canobie until work was complete. Work should be completed in a few days.

May 6th- pipeline at Arlington Pond is switched off. A leak was found in the pump house at Arlington Pond that needed to be fixed. This matter has been rectified.

May 10th-   Arlington level            158.3                      Big Island Level           6.2

May 13th-   Arlington level            158.5                      Big Island level            6.3

Since that time there has not been any substantial rainfall to bring up the lake levels. 

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