Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Town of Salem, NH Partners With FB Environmental and Sewage Sniffing Dogs to Identify Human Sources of Bacteria

It was recently announced that the Town of Salem, NH has partnered with FB Environmental from Portsmouth, NH to assist in an effort to conduct preliminary bacteria screening and detection in several Town ponds, including Arlington Pond. According to the press release, this work is intended to be an initial step in identifying water quality issues in Salem’s water bodies and stormwater, and is part of the Town work to comply with EPA Small MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) requirements.

You can download and view all of the promotional materials here:

- 2014 Partnership Flyer

- 2014 Salem NH Canine Workshop Flyer

- 2014 MS4 Canine Workshop Press Release

- Outreach Canines Brochure

About FB Environmental: Environmental Canine Services is the first and only company in the world to scent train canines as a rapid screening method to identify human sources of bacteria in storm drains, rivers, lakes, and other waterbodies. Field tests have shown the dogs are approximately 90% accurate compared with traditional laboratory water tests and are a more efficient and cost effective option for budget-conscious cities and municipalities looking to fix sewer problems and protect swimming beaches, and the water quality of their rivers and lakes.

FB Environmental Associates, established in 2001, is a consulting firm that specializes in directing environmental planning, assessment, monitoring, mapping, and restoration projects for a diverse array of clients. The firm has experience working on water and natural resource projects throughout New England and has worked on numerous bacteria source tracking and mitigation projects.

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