Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Message from Phil Cammarata, APPA Vice President:

Good Morning APPA

The last few days have been very busy on the pond, lots of new Boats and Jet Skis and many Kayaks. It's always nice to see everyone enjoying the Pond and having fun on the water. Please respect your neighbors and follow all safe boating rules, watch for swimmers in the water, don't follow boats towing people on tubes and maintain proper distance from shoreline and other boats. We all need to be responsible for preserving and protecting this valuable resource we are so lucky to live on. 

Check your beach area for SNAILS and remove them. They are not part of the normal lake ecology and are considered an INVASIVE species. Remember when your mowing or trimming to do so in a manner that minimizes the amount of clippings that get into the Pond. Grass clippings act as fertilizer for WEEDS and promotes weed growth. When you are mowing try to have the discharge face away from the water. Rake weeds in your beach area with a LAKE RAKE (it actually cuts weeds down) and is a very effective way to keep your beach free of weeds.  I have one available if anyone would like to try it. 

Protect the ISLAND, the biggest problem challenging the ISLAND is EROSION.  Try not to drive your watercraft to close to the island at high speed producing a big wake and pounding the shoreline. Each year we are losing a little more of the shoreline around the Island.

I would also like to share some information regarding wake boat etiquette.

  •        Stay at least 150 ft away from structures or shore
  •        Minimize repetitive passes
  •        Drive a predicted path. Recommend boats travel in a counterclockwise traffic flow
  •        Avoid close passes to other boats
  •        Don't impede traffic
  •        Look before you turn
  •             Refrain from tricks when near other boats
  •        Early morning times usually have less traffic
  •        Follow local boating laws and navigation rules
  •        Keep music at a responsible level. Sound travels much farther on the water.
Let's all work together to enjoy our very short season on the pond
Stay Safe

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