Monday, May 17, 2021

A message from Phil Cammarata, APPA Vice President on Water Level

DEAR APPA MEMBER As you can see, the WATER LEVEL in the Pond is steadily rising and will continue to rise until we reach SUMMER LEVEL. The TOWN stopped taking water from the Pond on 4/30 and has now switched over to Canobie Lake. We are always subject to weather conditions and drought, both of which contribute to our ability to fill the POND. Some years when rain is plentiful and there has been a lot of snow during the winter months, Big Island fills up earlier and subsequently, so do we. The water comes to us via Big Island Pond once they're full the rest of the water comes to ARLINGTON.During the past 12 months precipitation has been between18 and 29% below normal and groundwater levels have yet to fully recover from the dry conditions that began a year ago. So what i'm trying to say is be patient, the water level is steadily rising and I'm confident the Pond will soon be full. In the meantime continue to clean your beach / waterfront and get ready to enjoy a wonderful SUMMER ON THE POND. SEE YOU ON THE POND 😎🐟 PHIL

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